Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beginning Gardener

This summer we moved to a bigger apartment. This apartment also has a deck. Unfortunately, this deck looks right out into a parking lot. So I have undertaken the task of teaching myself to container garden. My first task was to plant something that would give us a little bit of privacy from the parking lot.

The plant I chose is a passion vine. It grows up to 30 ft a year and has amazing flowers and sometimes bears fruit, passion fruit. Right now I am hoping it fills in and grows a little bit thicker on the trellis.

I also have a few annuals planted around the base of the passion vine for more color. Just recently, I started an herb box with cilantro, mint, basil, and catnip in it. Let's hope it seeds. If you have any good suggestions for pretty easy to grow in container plants, let me know! I need all the help I can get.


Elaine Doty said...

Lauriel! Your blog is very fun! I love your passion flower, and you can grow anything you want in containers! Tomatoes, other vines, Jasmine smells really really good and fills in really thick too! I'm glad you are enjoying your new apartment, We're going fishing to Olallie Lake this weekend. Maybe I should do something like this??? Love Aunt Elaine

Anonymous said...

Love your apt. and your flowers, etc. When you learn all about container planting, you will have to teach me. We are in Nashville Tn. went to the Grand Ole Opry last night and taking a tour of the city today. Wish you both were here. Have fun at Priest's Lake. Love, grannhy