Monday, September 3, 2007

Priest Lake, Wards

We just got back from a week long camping trip at Priest Lake. Priest Lake is located in the Northern part of Idaho and it is a gorgeous lake. Andrew and I went with my family; Dad, Mom, Rachelle, Josh, Alec, Emma, & Orien (the dog). We were there from the 25th through the 1st.

We put all of our camping stuff on the boat and took it out to Kalispell Island in the middle of the lake. There are primitive campsites there and we got two for all of us. It was wonderful to have the whole beach to ourselves. We had a few days where it rained a little and we had a couple days of wind but we also had some beautiful, warm days where we got to enjoy being in the sun. Rachelle came up from BYU to spend the week with us, it was a lot of fun to see her!

My Dad was kind enough to spend his week driving the boat around so we got to do all of the water skiing, wakeboarding, intertubing, and kneeboarding that we wanted. Dad did find time to get some skiing and wakeboarding in, something that is fun to watch as he is impressive at both. He celebrated his birthday on this trip and I think it was fun for him to spend it at one of his favorite places with his family. We know we liked being with him!

Previous to this trip Andrew had tried slalom skiing a couple of time and could sometimes get up. He is getting proficient at getting up and is cutting easily across the wake, learning to make a big spray. We all agreed that he can add slalom skiing to his list of abilities. Andrew also spent the week impressing my brothers with his wakeboarding skills and pushing them try new things.

My mom and I both slalom skiied after each having waited 6 or 7 years since our last attempt. It was better than I remember it and given the right condidtions, I might not wait so long before I do it again! We also both got some kneeboarding in, another thing we both enjoy.
Emma made her first attempt at waterskiing this year. Although she did not get up, she did an excellent job and we were all proud of her. She spent her week starting an impressive rock collection that included a bear tooth and a lava rock.

Josh and Alec are both good wakeboarders and are always pushing themselves to outdo each other. The two of them spent 1/2 a day making us a system of hallways that ran throughout our campsite. These hallways, which guided us in between tents, tables, the beach, and the boat, were raked and covered in sand and lined with sticks. Somewhere in all of that they found lots of time to swim and snorkel and had very little time left over to sit and read with the rest of us. The boys are always entertaining and fun to be around!

Andrew and I love camping so we had a lot of fun enjoying just relaxing and being outside together. On Saturday, our last day of the trip, Andrew and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. I think we are officially an old married couple now!

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