Wednesday, October 10, 2007

John and Paul

I thought I would share a few pictures of our cats, John and Paul. They are always keeping us entertained with their antics. On the left we have John making himself at home on top of the bookshelf. One day I just came home to find him sitting up there like he owned it.

On the right is Paul waking up from a nap on top of the refridgerator. They both know that they are not allowed on the counters or tables and they rarely test that rule when we are home. There is no way to get on the refridgerator without climbing on the counter. I wonder what they do when we aren't home.

When we moved to this house, we were able to put the cat's scratching post next to the fish tank. This renewed Paul's interest in fish watching. After many attempts at breaking through the glass, he learned how to stick his paw through a hole in the lid of the tank. We think he even got a fish once. Although we have covered that hole up, he still spends a good part of each day trying to catch the fish.

Our cats have decided that our love sac makes a nice cat bed. They take turns claiming it for their own with occasional moments of sharing. And after a hard day of playing, why not curl up and sleep with your brother? Lauriel

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