Monday, October 1, 2007

School Update

Andrew and I started school again last week and I thought I give a brief synopsis of what is happening and where we are going. Sorry if it sounds braggy, thats not the intent!

After meeting with his advisor just before school, Andrew has decided to earn his B.A. in music with a minor in math education, a plan that will take 3 more school years (including this year). He plan is to then apply to Western's graduate program and get his Masters in Teaching, which is another year of classes and then student teaching. With this plan he would have his Master's degree and be certified to teach both music and math at the secondary level. Andrew has been practicing a lot and working very hard this past year and it paid off at auditions this year. This year he is playing in the Wind Symphony, the Jazz Band, and he was chosen to play in the Western Brass Quintet, which is accompanied by a $500 scholarship. It's always rewarding when your hard work pays off! He will be having many performances this quarter-we will let you know of the dates!

After meeting with my advisor just before school started, I made the decision to apply for graduate school at Western. Prior to this I was working towards my teaching certification with no additional degree. In the space of a week and half, I took the MAT, applied to grad school, got accepted, and started taking classes. It was kind of overwhelming to make the decision and have everything happen that fast but it all worked out, so it must have been meant to be! This will be my last year of classes at Western and then I have 1 year of student teaching. I will graduate with my Master's in Special Education and an endorsement to teach Elementary Education. This will allow me to teach Preschool through 21 in Special Education and Kindergarten through 8th grade of regular education. Lots of options! I also received a $1500 scholarship last spring that will be very helpful with the additional graduate tuition.

Andrew also started a new job at the fish store downtown where he buys all of his fishtank supplies. So far he likes it. I am still working as a caregiver for an adult woman with disabilites. To sum it up, we are very busy but busy doing all of the things we want to do. Thanks for everyone's help and love, we feel lucky to have such supportive families! Lauriel

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