Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Birthday Celebration Begins

As some of you know, Andrew's big birthday present this year is a saltwater fish tank setup. As this is way out of our price range, our families have been kind enough to skip giving presents this year and donate money to this worthy cause. Although Andrew's birthday is not until December 2, he has started buying parts for this setup so that he can have it partly put together by the time our families come to visit in the beginning of December (I have no idea why it takes that long to set up, so don't ask). Following this line, his tank arrived today, marking the beginning of his birthday celebration in which he gets to spend weeks setting up a saltwater fish tank. These are only very beginning photos, showing the initial opening of the tank, so there will be many more photos in days to follow as he gets it set up with a stand and some water, etc.

This is all the packaging that came with that tank. And our cat enjoying the packaging.

And I thought I would throw in a picture of Andrew from this morning, dressed for cold weather. He is wearing my Grandpa Ward's hat that says Alta on the front and his "christmas sweater". This is what he wore to school today.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Lindsay & Casey said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I have no idea how we got contacted together but I think it's great. I have been wondering how you guys are doing. It will be fun to keep in touch.

Kevin and Amanda said...

YES!!!! Kevin and I have a 65 gallon saltwater tank. WE LOVE IT! We are planning on setting up a new one soon as well. What is your number? Kev has been doing it for about 4-5 years, so let us know if you have any questions.