Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving and Birthday Weekend

On Friday night and Saturday we were able to get together with my side of the family to celebrate some birthdays. We were celebrating Rachelle's birthday (11/19), Granny's birthday (11/23), Emma's birthday (11/24), and Andrew's birthday (12/2). We had quite the party there, 15 people total:
  • Andrew and I
  • Steve, Laure, Rachelle, Josh, Alec, and Emma (my parents and siblings)
  • Granny and Poppy (my mom's parents)
  • Elaine, Chris, Nate, and Caity (my mom's sister in law and 3 of their kids)
  • Kourtney (my mom's brother's daughter, my cousin)
  • and a ridiculous amount of animals (Orion the dog, Jasmine and Simba the kittens, Lola the lop, and Beta the fish)
We had a lot of fun following our now traditional post-Thanksgiving weekend schedule of eating, watching Andrew skateboard, and going to a movie. It was fun to see everyone! Lauriel
Me and Simba the kitten, Emma's birthday present
Andrew and Jasmine the kitten, Emma's second birthday present
Me with Lola the lop, Granny's birthday present

Emma opening her presents, she turned 10!

Andrew opening his cards with contributions to his fish tank inside
Granny and Poppy with all of their grandkids who where there

Rachelle and Orion the dog

Andrew and Emma

The Ward girls

Rachelle and Kourtney

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