Monday, December 10, 2007

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been busy, so you are getting a short recap post. On Friday, after school, we fit in a little bit of Christmas decorating. Sorry I forgot to move the bag out of the way. Our tree looks very nice in real life. I promise.
And then, Andrew had his Jazz Band concert, and both of our families came up to be there to support him, which was wonderful. It was way too short of a visit and I took way too few pictures (these two are the only ones I have, sorry Bybees). It is very sad that the only pictures I took are a tribute to what happens when you get a gaming device. Be forwarned.
The Bybees stayed overnight and on Saturday we went out to breakfast for Andrew's birthday and did a little bit of shopping. We did see this really strange car while we were out wandering around. A wonderful tribute to Bellingham.
Saturday night we had another couple, Matt and Vanessa, over for dinner and to watch Christmas movies.

Sunday we woke up to snow, which bothered me because it was unexpected. Sunday, I was planning on having about 12 girls from school classes over for lunch and a goody exchange. The snow knocked our numbers down to about 6 but we still had a lot of fun. I then made, wrote in and sent Christmas cards while Andrew studied and posted about his fish tank.

Today we have had work and finals, tomorrow is more of the same, and then on Wednesday night we are having a potluck Christmas dinner for about 17 people in our apartment. That should be interesting. Maybe after Wednesday I will have time to take pictures and update again.

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Kourtney said...

I must say, you are VERY dedicated when it comes to updating this thing. Compared to you, I am horrible :) Glad all is well. The fishes look cool, good job Andrew!