Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fish Tank Evolution 2

So this here is my new salt water tank now that the dust has cleared.  This is with the rock just thrown in. 
This is the tank with more rock that I got yesterday. It is still not aquascaped because I plan on getting a few more pieces.  The tank has to stay like this for about a month before I can get some animals because I need to get the biological filtration all set up.  There are a quite a few featherdusters on the rock on the left and the purpley one on the right.  The purple is coralline algae which is very good.
This here is my ten gallon freshwater.  It looks quite a bit different than here.  I really like what I have going on now.
This is my Albino Cory.  He was hard to get a good picture of.
This is my Furcata Rainbow.  He was also hard to get a picture of.  His first wife died yesterday but I already got him a new one.  I think he's happy about that.
I have two of these little guys.  This is a Habrosus Cory, they stay very small and are really fun to watch.
I love this picture for some reason.  This is one of my Otto's.  There's three more swimming around in there.  I also added one algae eating shrimp today to help keep my hair algae down.  I'll keep my saltwater tank updated so everyone can see how I spent the birthday money.  thanks to everyone for that by the way.


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Cory said...

I am NOT a fish! I am a HUMAN! I know what you are saying though, Albino Cory's are hard to get a good picture of .I used to be albino and the flash would always drown me out cause I was so pale.