Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Fish Tank

First I would like to introduce you to Hector. He is a rather large Dwarf Puffer that I got from someone at my work. We were going to put him with all the small ones but he would have eaten them quickly. He is rather feisty and him and Paul are often seen facing off and getting ready for battle.
Now the salt water tank. I have aquascaped (arranged the rock in an aesthetically pleasing manner to create an assortment of caves and hiding spots) and added a few new residents since last post. There is now a Turban and Spiny Star Snail and an Emerald Crab. These guys will hopefully eat up all the hair algae that has shown up. You can see the Turban Snail on the top rock. I couldn't get good pics of the other inhabitants.
This is a side view of the tank.
This is the other side.
This is my colony of Feather Dusters who are enjoying living among a lot of hair algae. Thanks for looking and please come again. Thanks to everyone who helped me get this tank set up. I am really enjoying it.

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