Saturday, December 1, 2007


In honor of the first day of December, and in preparation for Andrew's birthday tomorrow, my post today is all about SNOW!!! Andrew's brother Tyler came up last night, and today they went up to Mt. Baker. So they are up at the mountain all day today, enjoying the snow. Baker opened on Thursday, the only resort in Washington open yet, so the season is just barely beginning. This is the picture from opening day on Baker's website. I doubt this is what it looks like up there today.
I did not go as I am supposed to be spending all day working on a paper (shh, don't tell that I'm not right now!). I treated myself to a wonderful morning of sleeping in and this is what I woke up to see out my window.
From what I can tell, it didn't snow overnight, but in the morning hours after Andrew and Tyler left and before I woke up. It is still snowing fairly heaving right now. You can't see in the pictures, but thats why they are all gray and dreary looking.

This is a view of the main road, Lakeway, from the Costcutter parking lot.And here is a shot in the other direction, of the Costcutter parking lot. If we get much more, I will take more pictures and update later!

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