Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bybee News

So as the first week of winter quarter is over, I thought I would give a quick update on the past week. Click on the bright blue words to see more pictures.

Monday was my first day as a graduate assistant. It is going well, I think I will really like being more involved in the department. Getting in 20 hours a week between 9 and 5 Monday through Friday is a little harder than I thought, I am just glad that they aren't to strict about my time.

On Monday we threw our cats a birthday party. They are two years old now. John likes to eat and play and Paul likes to play and sleep. In that order.

Tuesday was our first day of classes. We have some very long, long days. Like 9am-9pm straight. Two days in a row. And the other days aren't short to make up for it. Yes we are crazy, yes we try and do too much, and don't ask us for another week or so if we will really be able to do it.

Andrew got placed in the accelerated keyboarding class which means that he combined two quarters of keyboarding into one fast class. That will be nice for him after this quarter. Other than that he is taking the same routine classes of theory, ear training, math (he started calculus this quarter), trumpet lessons, and percussion pedagogy. He is also in Western Brass Ensemble, Wind Symphony, and Jazz Band.

My classes seem to be off to a good start, lots of classes on literacy and reading instruction. Lots of reading and projects.

Over the course of this week we have spent over $500 dollars on books and I still have to buy a computer program subscription for a class that will be another $50. I think that is a record for us. Thank goodness for financial aid.

Our New Year's Resolutions are going well. I am finding that doing something new everyday keeps me thinking about what I am doing instead of falling in to a mindless routine of doing only what I have to. I am always looking for ideas so let me know if you come up with any good ones. Andrew's drawings are fun and it's good for him to something not stressful everyday. I always look forward to seeing what he is going to draw.

On Saturday we hopscotched for an entire city block and a half.


Brandon and Brittany said...

Hi! We're so glad you found our blog! It looks like you are doing well. Thanks for the comments!

Alyssa said...

you guys haven't updated your blog for awhile...kind of weird since it seemed Lauriel was so on top of it...probably because you are so busy with the crazy school schedule. I'm really glad you had a party for your cats:)

Lauriel said...

That is exactly the reason. And we haven't done anything noteworthy. And we have the other two blogs that we are updating everyday already. I'll get back on it :)

paulandcherisvreeken said...

Soooooo I just barely reread the note you sent me a while back and understood it... I'm sorry it's taken me a little bit to get back... I'm having problems thinking.

I've kind of got a few things figured out but I'm still pretty lost. Here are a few pages I really like:

I really like the scrapbook feel and the big pictures/titles for the pages... I just don't know how to personalize mine yet. I'm sure I need to give it a little more time. Being able to really sit down and play with it today helped but I can't find the cute stuff everyone else has... You know what I mean?