Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We are polar bears

Today, to kick off my new years resolution of doing new things, Andrew and I participated in the annual Resolution Walk/Run and Polar Dip. This is an untimed run or walk on a 2.5 mile trail around Lake Padden followed by a group polar bear swim. We mostly walked around the trail. And we jumped in a lake that had ice around the edges. You actually had to wade out, which made it a little bit harder than jumping in. It was very cold, but fun. I'm not quite sure why it was fun but it was.Can you see the ice around the edge of the lake?Andrew's beautiful photographyThe little girl next to us who was going to go in. We never actually saw her go in, but she wasn't sitting there when we were done.MeAndrewUs

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Lynne said...

Wish I lived in B'ham! I couldn't talk anyone here into taking a dip with me. They have started a new one at Coulon Park in Renton. I will be there next year. Thanks for inspiring me!