Sunday, February 17, 2008

Family Fun

So while looking for a picture of my hair short so that you have something to compare to, I found some other family gems. I figured if I posted all of the pictures no one could kill me. The creation of these (and looking back at them) always causes some good laughs. To start:
Me with short hair. Don't compare too closely because the short hair picture is an amazingly good picture for me whereas the recent one I posted is just ok.
Me on a more average day.

My sweet husband Andrew.
My brother Josh.
My brother Alec.My baby sister Emma.
Emma again.My Dad.
My mother-in-law Lynne.
My father-in-law Wade.
My brother-in-law Tyler.

Don't I have a most attractive family? We have awesome family photos! (I love the toys that Mac computers come with!) (P.S. Sorry Rachelle, Mom, and Carina there are no beautiful pictures of you....You will have to come play sometime!)

1 comment:

Lindsay & Casey said...

those are some crazy pictures...i can't even tell the one that's supposed to be your dad! your hair cut is cute...are you enjoying short hair?