Monday, May 26, 2008

Family Visit

My family cam up yesterday to see our new place and spend a little time with us. Luckily we had some nice weather and we could get outside a little. Here are a few pictures.
Andrew and I on the stairs in front of our apartment.
Emma and I on the stairs in front of Miller Hall (on campus). Of course my eyes are closed.
Alec with one of the "Little Green Men", they are my favorite sculptures on campus. I'm not really sure what the face was about though.
Another little man....
And another.
Emma and I in front of the purple "Dr. Seuss" tree on on campus.
Andrew at Larrabee State Park
Me at Larrabee.
And my dad at Larrabee. No pictures of my mom as she was the one with the camera. It was great to see them, even if it was short. Thanks for driving up, we love you!

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hawsfam said...

Great pics, we hope to see you this summer in pocatello!