Saturday, May 24, 2008


It has been an incredibly long time since we have posted, I guess we aren't very good at this during school. Now that the quarter is almost over here is a quick update of what we have been doing:

I am still a graduate assistant for the Special Education department and going to school full time. I keep busy but I'm learning a lot and feeling useful. One more year and then hopefully I will be teaching and working on my thesis. Scary!

Andrew is still working at Clark's Feed and Seed with the fishes. I'm pretty sure he will be looking for a new job soon. Right now he is taking a little time off and earning some money playing in the pit orchestra for a rock opera (?) on campus called Human Comedy and playing a piece with the Men's choir (I think) on campus. I think he is enjoying being able to earn some money doing something he loves. In addition, he is playing for two jazz bands, the Wind Symphony, the Western Brass Quintet, and a composer's group that just finished up. He is keeping busy, so busy that I can't even be sure of all of the details.

We successfully moved and are all unpacked. We only had one piece of furniture break and it was very expected. Our cats are settled and comfortable, our fish tanks all survived well, and most of our plants made the move in one piece. We had a lot of help moving, good friends are amazing!

We are looking forward to summer and some time to keep busy with hobbies other than school, hopefully we will be doing more fun things to share pictures of!

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