Saturday, June 7, 2008


Many of you know that I love books. I love reading and I love owning books. Books, however, are expensive for our current budget. Also a problem, teachers are expected to own a good portion of the books in their classroom. Bought with their own money. A current teacher that I worked with this last year suggested starting now and collecting as you go. She said that she goes to Value Village and the Goodwill once or twice a month and spends $15-$20 on the best books she can find. I tried that about a week ago. I got all of these books for $25. Some of them are for me and some are for future classrooms. But they were all $1 or less. Amazing. The key is not to go looking for any specific book, but to go looking to buy anything that you ever thought you might want to own. I'm going to have to set a limit!

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Dave & Kathy said...

Have you ever been to the book store by Toys R Us in tukwila. Not sure of the name right now but Amie and I like to go there. They have a Clearance section in the back and you can get books for $1 and $2. Check it out next time you are back home visiting the Bybee Fam.