Sunday, June 8, 2008


So I'm going to try something new on our blog. People are frequently asking me for book recommendations and I can never think of good ones of the top of my head. I had this brillant idea to I post an entry about each book that I read. That way I will have a journal of sorts about every book that I read and what I think of it. I will label all of my posts "Books" so you can go to the list of subjects over on the right and click on "Books" to see all of the posts at the same time. If anyone has any book recommendations for me, please leave a comment. I always love a good book!

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Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about these books. The covers are so appealing.

I recommend you join good reads. It's basically what you're going to do, but easier. Though I think what you're going to do will be very fun to read and you should still do it. I'm just sayin' visit goodreads and check it out. You can read all your friend's profiles and create one for yourself of all the books you've ever read including reviews. And if you sign up...I want to be your friend.

Are you going to the reunion at the end of July?