Monday, June 2, 2008


Andrew has been playing in a lot of groups this quarter, which has been both fun and busy. One of the groups he played in was for a friends senior composer's recital. The guy writes amazing music. The entire concert was good (but long, over 2 hours). Andrew played in the group that performed the finale piece. Here are some links to the files. There are two movements, long but worthwhile if you have the time. Personally, I think it was better live, there was just a lot of energy. They are talking about doing a more professional recording, I'll let you know if they do.


Becca & Joel said...

Lauriel! I found your family blog on my brother's... I had no idea you were keeping up on my family! I'm so sorry I didn't include you when we went private! Send me you're e-mail and I'll made sure you get an invitation... PS- I can't believe Rachelle is engaged! I feel soooooo old!

Becca & Joel said...

PS - tell Mitch I want an invitation to his blog too - I'd love to see pix of their little family!