Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Twilight Saga

So I just finished reading these three books last weekend. Several people had been trying to get me to read them and I had been resisting. For some reason I get stubborn about reading books that people gush over. Then my mom brought me up the first one. I didn't even pick it up for a few days. Once I did I was doomed. I read all three back to back and didn't do anything else for an entire weekend.

The basic plot line is fairly simple. A teenage girl, Bella, moves to Forks, WA and falls in love with a vampire, Edward. The rest of the story is about them trying to figure out how they can be together without her getting killed.

They are really well written, have a fairly unique plot line, and complex characters (for teen books). I'm always a little hesitant about romantic plot lines but this was really well done. And the vampires and werewolves thing wasn't weird at all (I was worried about this). I highly recommend them, they move along fast and are fairly easy reads. However, I don't recommend reading one until you want to read all three. I can't wait for the other two books to come out!


Anonymous said...

Breaking Dawn will be the last book of this series, I believe. Where did you hear about a fifth one?

A new book by this author came out earlier in May. It's called The Host. I am on the waiting list for it at my library. My Mom is reading it, it's a bit slow in the beginning I hear (but so was New Moon!!!), and it picks up in the end.

Glad you finally read them. I wanted to throw New Moon out the window there for a while, but all in all I LOVED the books. Excited for Breaking Dawn in August.

Lauriel said...

Breaking Dawn is the final book of the story, but Stephanie Meyer is also working on a project called Midnight Sun. The timeline of Midnight Sun is parallel to Twilight but the story is told from Edward's perspective. She has the first chapter posted on her website, it is really good. You can also read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn online or in the back the new releases of Eclipse.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I forgot about that. I have read the first chapter on her website. The first chapter (of Midnight Sun) was very interesting!!!