Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go Local #3

This is a really sad version of a cooking post. I haven't felt very energetic in my cooking this week, just a lot of the same old really easy meals. So I am slightly embarrassed to post this, but it does qualify for an all local meal (I think). Andrew calls it the poor man's dinner, a name that I find very appropriate.

Red potatoes (Joe's Garden)
Carrots (Joe's Garden)
Celery (Joe's Garden)
Sweet Onion (Joe's Garden)
Garlic (Haggen's local, I don't remember which farm, sorry)
Ground beef (now I think this is local that I bought at Trader Joe's and froze half of. But I can't be sure because it was frozen and I don't have the original package)

Cut all the veggies. Mix everything together in a large glass casserole and cover with foil. Cook in oven at 350 degrees. Stir occasionally and cook until meat is done and veggies are tender.

And this is what you get!
Some people like it with ketchup, some with BBQ sauce, some like it all natural. The plus? You get the main dish and the sides all at once.


Anonymous said...

Are you nuts?! This is totally a local meal. Yummy.

I'm going to post my yogurt recipe if it works. I'll probably test it early this week. It's from my simple in season book. Love that book. I'm telling you. You would love it, too.

Emily said...

Yum. That sounds so good! You is lucky if he isn't eating a cheese crisp. HEHE.

Sara K. said...

Tasty! -S