Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rachelle's Bridal Shower

Rachelle had her bridal shower on Tuesday. It went really well, she had a lot of people come! It was going to be outside, but of course the weather didn't cooperate. Things went well in spite of that. Here are a few pictures!
Emma, Me, my mom, Rachelle, and Granny (my mom's mom).
My Aunt Muriel (Dad's sister in-law) and cousin Whitney. Whitney's bridal shower is today and she is getting married the Wednesday before Rachelle.Caitlyn, Rachelle, and Emily. Caitlyn and Emily are Rachelle's friends from her home ward, they helped throw the shower for her.
Taylor's sisters; Paige, Meggan, and Kailey.
Kaitlyn Kuolt (Rachelle's best friend growing up) and her mom.
My Granny and Taylor's Grandma visiting.
Rachelle opening presents with Caitlyn, Emily, and Taylor's mom. It was fun, but I still can't believe my little sister is getting married soon!

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Emily said...

Looks like fun! I can't believe that your little sister is getting married. It is crazy! Tell her congrats for me.