Saturday, July 26, 2008

Visiting the Wards

Andrew and I were able to go down and visit my family briefly this week. I was able to go to Rachelle's bridal shower and help with a Girl's Camp my mom hosted while Andrew was able to get some hard work in on the backyard.
Here is Andrew spreading bark, this is what he spent a lot of his time doing. Thanks for the work Mom!
Here is Emma and Rachelle at the Girl's Camp. A group of moms who had girls Emma's age got together and decided to have a week long day camp . Wednesday it was at my parent's house and they cut marshmellow sticks, roasted marshmellows and hot dogs, shot BB guns, and played on the tire swing. Fun day!Here is Andrew playing with Emma's new kitty...who I think she was calling Smokey. Emma had a sad thing happen with Smokey. Emma got the kitty a week ago yesterday. While we were there on Tuesday and Wednesday we played with him lots, he was a very adorable little kitten.
Thursday afternoon when Emma got home from camp, Smokey was very sick. He died that evening and Emma buried him in the back yard. It was very sad to lose a little kitty like that, but he was happy to get to spend a week with Emma. She loved him a lot.
Emma and Smokey.

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