Sunday, August 10, 2008


On one of our lovely summer days we had last week (before the rain began) we went with a few friends down to Teddy Bear Cove, or as we call it, Hippie Beach. It is this really amazing little beach off of Chuckanut Drive. You have to take a little hike there but it is totally worth it. The beach is on the Puget Sound, it is really secluded, and has some amazing little structures all over. People have built benches, walls, fire pits, and stairs all out of rocks on the beach. It is hard to explain, but it really looks like some ancient ruins. Unfortunately we got down there and I realized that my camera was out of batteries. So you only get to see this cool Polaroid that Andrew took. We had a nice time just sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, and watching the boys build rock towers.Right before we were going to leave Andrew was coming down a little ridge and walking on some drift wood logs. One of the logs broke and rolled down the hill. With Andrew on it. It was terrible to watch (and probably felt more terrible to him). He slid down the hill on logs and rocks, with the log rolling after him. He ended up knocking the wind out of him, getting all bruised up, and hurting his arm. His arm hurt right in the middle of his forearm (among other places), so we were worried that he had a hairline fracture. We don't have insurance, and they probably wouldn't have cast it anyway, so we went and got him a splint. That was Wednesday night and after wearing the splint for 4 days and taking it easy, his arm is feeling a lot better. He is pretty sure he just pulled a muscle, something we are both happy very about. He is really lucky he wasn't hurt worse, the fall looked awful. He can't wait to get back to skateboarding :)


nhsphoto said...

yikes! sorry andrew! sounds painful! we missed you guys at the reunion! i just quit my job, so maybe we will come up to visit you soon!

Emily said...

Your poor hubby. I am glad that he is doing better; how scary. The beach sounds amazing.