Thursday, August 7, 2008


We have been having a few animal anomalies at work lately. Biggest, and loudest, are the bunnies. On Monday while I was there the dog, Phoebe, was out in the yard with Malissa, the woman that I work with. I heard this crazy squeaking and I thought Phoebe had found an old squeaky toy. I went outside to see, and there was a baby bunny in the grass, with Phoebe licking it like crazy. I never knew such a tiny animal could make such a loud obnoxious noise. We put the bunny on the edge of the woods in the grass pile and brought Phoebe inside.
It's ear was a little torn up, and it was soaking wet from Phoebe, but other than that it looked okay. It burrowed down into the grass pile and hid itself very well.
Malissa's parents and I looked at some stuff on the internet and found that mother bunnies only feed their babies once a day in the middle of the night, so they don't attract predators to the nest. And that they aren't deterred by people or animals scents on their babies. The next
day the baby was gone so we can assume that either the mom brought it back to the nest, or it got ate by a cat. Ew. Anyway Phoebe keeps finding the other bunnies and licking them or bugging them in the nest and making them squeak like crazy. I don't think she is hurting them, just scaring them. When I go outside to look for the nest (so that I could move it out of her fenced area) she leaves it and wants to play with me. And I can't find the dumb thing. So since Monday we have been hearing the bunnies but can't find them. Annoying.


Emily said...

I didn't know that bunnies even made noise. Too weird. I hope the bunnies are okay and that the puppy leaves them alone.

Rebecca and Murv said...

did you get my email? if nmot send me your email address...ebeccra at gmail dot com.

hawsfam said...

Annoying, but cute.