Sunday, August 31, 2008


So Lauriel gave me the job of typing out this little entry. This is Andrew by the way. I guess I will just give a play by play of the last rapid on the trip which is a fairly large water fall.
This first picture is of us setting up for the drop. Notice how serious we all are. This is the big times.
Here's anther shot of us being all serious. You can see our guide Pete in the back of the boat. He was kind enough to take us down a rapid backwards and spin us through a few others.
This is us "getting down". You're suppose to do this when there is a possibility of falling out. In the process of "getting down" you should most likely grab onto the ties on the bottom of the boat to minimize being flung from within.
Notice Lauriel in the middle covering her eyes and ask yourself "what is she holding onto that will help keep her in the boat?"
Cory is screaming but not covering his eyes. This tell you that he has a firm grip on the boat and higher chances of staying in than others.
Eyes are still covered.
The guide has a lovely grip on the boat. I guess he does do this everyday.
Now we disappear.
Is what it is.
Everything seems to be fine here besides a few bumps.
Now think back to that question you asked yourself and notice Lauriel on the verge of taking a dip in the river.
Luckily she landed on the edge and didn't go over.
Cory in the front left is looking back because in one of the previous pictures while we were practically under water Lauriel head butted him.
Now he is being kind because he thinks she made a poo in her wetsuit.
Carina looks a little worried for her too.
Even Tyler shows a little concern
Pats on the back are a must when something of this nature happens.
Bums and Carina smiling.
So we all made it through and stayed in the boat. I'm convinced that Lauriel was conducting an experiment to see if covering your eyes would work as well as holing onto something tangible. I guess she proved that covering your eyes does work when you are in a sketchy situation. So remember, next time you think something bad is going to happen just cover your eyes. When we got back and saw the pictures the staff was amazed and said they had never seen anyone do that. We haven't looked but you may be able to go to the Wet Planet website and see the end of our trip.


Emily said...

That looks like tons of fun. Too funny...I loved the commentary with the pictures; it make it so funny.

Nate and I went rafting once in Jackson Hole and it was great...but really scary. Too fun! I am glad that Lauriel didn't fall out...that would have been sooooo scary.

mamabear said...

I'm so glad you didn't fall out!! I fell out once on a raft trip with your grandpa Doty, it's freaky

The Garvin's said...

i have heard a lot about this float trip. Andrew did a swell job of commentary. Congrats on the baby! Your life's about to change:)

The Garvin's said...

oh my goodness! I totally had a blonde moment about the baby. My mom had to explain it. Don't do that to me!! Don't judge me okay? You know my relatives!

Anonymous said...

the eye covering thing sounds like something i would do. :) glad you made it lauriel! wonderful, funny commentary andrew!