Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taylor and Rachelle's Wedding

Taylor and Rachelle got married last Saturday, the 16th. It was the hottest day of the year so far and we all melted, but other than that everything went beautifully! They got married at the Seattle Temple, had the luncheon at a restaurant called Stella Mia (the food there was excellent!), and had the reception in my parents' backyard. The reception was quite a bit of work to get ready for but everything went well and turned out nicely.

I will probably be posting pictures for a while as we collect them from all of the different sources, but here is what was on my camera. Including some reception pictures taken by Alec. (Note: These pictures are not in any particular order, because I am too lazy to take the time to order them).Taylor, Rachelle, and Kaitlyn
Poppy, Granny, Rachelle, Taylor, and Grandma Ward
The view of the "upper" backyard from the deck.
Rachelle and Josh
Rachelle and her new niece Ava
Wade and Lynne
Taylor and Rachelle leaving
Me and BJ waiting for them to come out of the temple, I am holding Rachelle's bouquet
My dad
Rachelle and Taylor

Thank you from my family to everyone that helped, we really appreciated it!

P.S. To both Ward and Doty families, there are more pictures on the respective photobucket accounts. If you took any can you please add them, we would love to see them all!


Emily said...

I can't believe your little sister is married; it is crazy. Please tell her I said congrats!

Kathy said...

We were so sad to miss the reception. We had family from Hawaii in town and had prior commitments. I was really looking forward to seeing your parents and their home in Carnation also. Rachelle looks beautiful and I am so glad it was not raining like it did today!

Anonymous said...

Everything was wonderful! I was so glad to see your sister so happy!!! I will add what I took on the photobucket thing soon. Thanks.