Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bybee Bulletin

School has started. Which means our lives are over, again. Andrew is way busier than I am this quarter. He has 4 classes (Midi Notation, Music History, Conducting & Theory), 5 ensembles (Wind Symphony, Orchestra, 12 o'clock Jazz Band, 2 o'clock Jazz Band, and Western Brass), trumpet lessons, and a 20 hour a week job. This is Andrew's first quarter working in the instrument library. Right now they are really busy but I think it is turning out to be a great job.

I have only 2 classes that require actual class time and the remainder of my credits are independent study aimed at getting me started on my thesis/research paper. I also am working 20 hours a week as a graduate assistant for the Special Education Department and about 15 hours a week as a caregiver for a woman with disabilities.

Andrew bought a trumpet. Thanks to our financial aid, scholarship, and loan money for this quarter Andrew was able to pick up a C trumpet for a good price. Driving down to Seattle was our last act before school started on Wednesday. Now all he needs (that I know about) is a flugelhorn, an Eb trumpet, a Piccolo trumpet, and a D trumpet.

Abbey is back with us. Last night at work I happened to be looking at the pet section of Craigslist and what did I see but a posting that "our" kitten was being put up for adoption. After talking to our neighbors we got her back today and I am going to get her spayed tomorrow. She is still cute and adorable, just a little bit longer and a lot of bit fiestier.

We have tomatoes. Lot and lots of them. I thought they might stop growing when the weather got cold again but right now they are still coming on strong and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Get used to this. New bulletins, flashbacks, and book reviews maybe the only type of posts that you see for a while. We don't have much of a life during the school. Maybe if I get caught up this weekend you can see some pictures of Andrew's trumpet, Abbey, and our tomatoes. Maybe if I get motivated you can read some book reviews about all the books I have been reading and not posting about (that isn't sarcasm).


Kevin and Amanda said...

So if those are the only trumpets he has left, how many does he have??

Emily said...

I am sorry that you life is over for the time being. hang in won't be forever. And at least their is a new trumpet in the will be filled with loud music!