Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday-Sasquatch Festival May 2006

So it seems like all of my flashbacks are fairly recent, mostly because those are the pictures that I have on my computer. Here are a few pictures from when Andrew and I went to Sasquatch Festival in May of 2006. Sasquatch Festival is a 3 day music festival down at the Gorge in Southern Washington. We went, camped, and listened to a lot of great bands. We would love to go every year, but it is pretty expensive for poor college students.Andrew with his hydration pack.
The view of the mainstage from the "top" of the hill. We didn't spend too much time this far away, but sometimes it was nice to get away from the crowds and still be able to hear the music.
The Gorge is pretty amazing! It was pretty hot and dry most of the time that we were there. Then in the middle of the afternoon it all of the sudden started raining really hard. Then it started to hail. We all kind of stood around for a while try to stay as dry as we could, thinking it would blow over. Then it started to get cold. Pretty soon we were all soaked and freezing. About the time it was getting dark it stopped raining and hailing and the bands started playing again. But a lot of our clothes were wet and we were all cold. So we wore what we had and came back out to listen to more music!
This is me after our eventful weather. In my pajamas, a skirt, sweatshirt, and coat. I think we were listening to the Flaming Lips at this point.

It was fun and I can't wait until we have money to go again!

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Emily said...

Looks like fun. That is something that I always wanted to do...but never got to. Maybe when I move back to Washington someday...let's hope.