Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hiking to Peggy's Pond

Happy 4 years to us! That's right, as of yesterday we have been married for 4 years. In case you were wondering, yes we are happy and yes it has been a wonderful 4 years. And to celebrate our happiness, we decide to reward ourselves with a relaxing weekend of hiking. That means you get to see A LOT of pictures.
Cathedral Rock, from the car on the drive in. Remember this rock...it will keep you from getting lost.
Our first field of wildflowers, they were by the parking lot
Me and Andrew all decked out in our hiking gear
Andrew doing some trailside doctoring
Squaw Lake, just one of the lakes we hiked by
Andrew had to do a lot of this because I like water
Remember Cathedral Rock?
Can you find it?
Getting closer.....
Still closer.....
See the pretty trail? Can you find Andrew?
This is Andrew having to carry my pack, isn't he nice?
Best trail ever
This is what was on the other side of the trail, down the hill.
We are having a baby, didn't we tell you?
Professional photo shoot
Our first good look at Peggy's Pond, home sweet home.
A second look at Peggy's Pond
Our lovely little tent, thanks Mom and Dad for loaning it to us for the trip!
Andrew doing Ninja battle
With these vicious warriors
This is how I battle. Andrew's method worked better, I had more bites.
It rained the first night...
But we woke up to thisWhich got some beautiful expressions
From both of us
We enjoyed our own private bubbling brook from our tent site before we went and did some hiking around.
We saw one of these...can you tell what it is?
A LOT of these guys...
Some glaciers
Which obviously made me happy
Remember that big rock? It's back again. That little pond down at the base is Peggy's Pond.
Around lunch time the weather started to look like this.
We hiked around in the rain for while, vising more of these guys.
But then the weather started to look more like this. Which is snow by the way, its hard to tell in the picture. And I know you weren't expecting it.We started to get a little worried about hiking on that wonderful trail out if it was covered in snow. So at 5pm we packed up, hiked out, and came home. It really was a wonderful, relaxing trip and I would do it again anytime. Except if it is snowing.

Happy 4 years to us!


The Davis Family said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Emily said...

I love the green...I miss it so much. It looks like you guys had a great time. Happy Anniversary...and good luck with the baby...I am sure that Andrew will make a great mom. :)

Alyssa said...

A baby? I bet Lynne is exstatic (i think that's how it's spelled)...I mean she's been thinking about it for four years!


Alyssa said...

I thought i was smarter than that...but Lynne had to point out to me who was in the picture! so congratulations on andrew being able to stick out his stomach! a talent all bybee's should possess!