Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So we have been busy the last few weeks, I think we must be trying to cram as much fun as possible in before school starts again (September 24...ug). Here are a few random pictures that we have taken in the past week or so.My flowers...I love gardening!
My mountain of garden sage, it is growing like crazy! Anyone know any good recipes? I've never cooked with fresh sage before!
My anniversary presents from Andrew. I love the Twilight series, but I am especially impressed by the book on the top, "You Grow Girl". It is a book all about easy, fun, urban gardening. I love it!
My new Keens that I bought on clearance at REI
My tomato jungle. This was over a week ago, they already look bigger.
More of my pretty little flowers...
Look at all of those green things just waiting to be eaten!
Mom, this is for you. Remember our matching plants? This is mine now. It can't decide whether it wants to be a drooping plant or a standing up plant.
And we are still getting "lots" of strawberries!

I realize now that it was a lot of gardening pictures, sorry about that! Hope you all are enjoying the last of summer!


Anonymous said...

love the new job. it is keeping me on my toes and allowing me to stretch. i couldn't ask for anything better really. :) thanks for asking!

Becca & Joel said...

Wow - good job with the flowers! I can't seem to keep them alive, I guess I'm just a veggie girl! Wish I could be more diverse like you!

Emily said...

Your garden looks great. Our tomato plant is trying to overtake the stairs into our house...it is seriously like 5 feet tall...it is crazy. I can't wait for all the green little yummies to turn red too!

The Glicks said...

I am SO jealous of your plants!! I can't wait to live in a place where it's warm for longer then 8 weeks so that I can have one too!!