Sunday, September 28, 2008


Here are a bunch of random pictures....
Here are our tomato plants after I had sat there and ate until I was full. I should have taken a picture before I ate but oh well. I've decided that having your plants close enough to snack on is one of the few perks of a container garden.
The cats are enjoying the last of the sunny days. And I wonder why my plants in this container don't do well.
Now that Abbey is over the side effects of the anesthesia from her spaying, her and Paul have decided to get along again. I think they are good entertainment for each other.
She follows him around and taunts him to play. His tail is just so long and twitchy that it is hard to resist pouncing on it.
I think he has been teaching her all of his tricks though.
Like drinking out of fish tanks.
Abbey is entertained by just about anything that moves, has ever moved, or may somewhere in the future decide to move.
This is Andrew's back to school picture. He has been collecting cool animal shirts at Value Village. Wolves are the best, because then you can be part of Wear Wolf Friday, but this seascape is pretty fun too.

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nhsphoto said...

love the poster behind you! ha! is that from the shop? i feel like we still have a million of those. my kids room is decorated with zero skulls and nixon logos. anywho, awesome shirt.