Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Flashback-Homecoming October 2000

So here is another short flashback. I have way better pictures from Homecoming 2000, but this one was already on my computer so it's what you get for this week. Let's see if I can name everyone:
Andrew-Me-Tori-Josh-Lisa-Tommy-Kelsey-Josh-Diana-Don't Remember-Keri-Ross
I don't think I spelled Keri right, I'm a little iffy on the Josh that went with Kelsey, and the don't remember I never knew that well so I don't feel bad forgetting his name. But other than that I think I did pretty good.

Anyway it was our first big dance and we had lot of fun. We rented a limo, went to a fancy restaurant, the whole works. It was great, but definitely not worth the money for a repeat. I love the group pictures from that night, all of the girls dresses are so bright and colorful we look like a rainbow.

P.S. Yes I was late with this picture, I will try and be better.

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