Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Haircut

I got a haircut! Nothing too drastic, but I did splurge and go to a nice salon, something I have never done when my hair is long. I am surprised at the difference that it makes. Not only did I get an herbal scalp massage with a hair wash, cut, and style; I can actually tell a difference in my hair. It feels lighter, moves better, lays better, and just plain feels good. Definitely worth the money once a year.From the front (and yes I had just spilled water on the front of my shirt).
And from the back. And yes it is still nice and low maintenance.


Anonymous said...

A new haircut just makes you feel better, doesn't it?!! You're hair is so beautiful, I bet people love to cut it.

Lindsay and Casey said...

I love going to a good place because with thick hair there is nothing better than getting it THINNED out! I always tell the lady "you can't thin it enough..keep going!" And it always feels so much better because it just lays right! Yours looks beautiful. You have great hair!

Emily said...

You look wonderful my dear! I love to go to a nice salon every now and then...I was thinking of doing the same thing in a few weeks. You have inspired me.