Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall and the Pumpkin Patch

So I know that I have been a terrible blogger lately. For a while it was because nothing was happening except school and work and school and work and sleep. But then we took a bunch of pictures and I never had time to do anything about it. So get ready for a little bit of catch up over the next day or so. These are my tomato plants as of last week. And they still look like this today. Yes I am still getting tomatos. Yes we have had a frost. No I have not covered them. No I do not know why they are still growing and ripening. Do you?
Andrew and I took a little break from work one day and ran out to get pumpkins. It was a beautiful day and it was great to get outside.
Andrew looks really excited about Pumpkins....
I liked that little one...but we didn't get it. We actually never found time to carve our pumpkins. They are still sitting on our deck staring at us through the glass. Sad.
For those of you who say the Northwest doesn't have a good Fall, this is the view from my deck. Bellingham has some pretty amazing colors going on right now. I keep meaning to walk around with my camera and take some pictures to share. Maybe soon.
A few Saturdays ago while Andrew had an all day workshop (yuck!) I found some time to go hiking with a few friends from school. It was a clear, cold day...perfect for hiking. We had a lot of fun.
We saw some great views of the bay.
And found sometime after the hike to enjoy the beach before heading back into town. Hope you all are having a wonderful Fall! Even though we are really busy we have found a little bit of time to get out there and enjoy the season!

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Kathy said...

Maybe because they are protected by the three sides of your patio. We did have beautiful vibrant fall colors this year didn't we.