Monday, November 3, 2008


Andrew and I had a busy Halloween weekend. We aren't really big costume people, we don't have the time or the money to get really into it. But Friday night we were going to listen to a friend's band play (which was great) and costumes were required. Andrew was a "mountain man". Everything that he is wearing is out of his closet. Scary right? I was "nothing". I wore all black with a black beanie and painted my face black. I haven't found a picture of me yet. Sorry.
Saturday night we attended a friend's Superhero/Villian Birthday party. We were "little kid superheros". Again, everything that we had on was out of our closet and part of our normal wardrobe. In this picture you can't see the best part of our costumes. We were both wearing long john's with shorts over them. And our snowboard boots for shoes. It was a fun weekend, but we were too busy being social and now we are way behind on work for this week.

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Emily said...

YOu look so great. I love Halloween! Dressing up is a lot of fun.