Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are alive

We are still alive...but nothing new to take pictures of. Highlights of our life are so exciting that they include facts like:

1) We gave in to the peer pressure and got facebook accounts...really I don't know why we did that. I think I already regret it.

2) We bought tickets to the midnight showing of Twilight to go with friends. This motivated Andrew to finally start reading the first book.

3) Andrew's flugelhorn got fixed and plays great...but that was a while ago.

4) We got a new fish. It is call a horned bleny. Or something like that. It is really cute and Andrew is in love with it. Maybe someday he will post some pictures.

5) Andrew has started "Wear Wolf Fridays" at school. Everyone wears shirts with wolves on them. It is kind of creepy in a fun sort of way. I actually do have a picture of our wolf shirts. It's not very good because it is from Andrew's phone. But you get the idea.
6) The wind symphony is going to Olympia later this week and Andrew gets to stay in a hotel. Oh and play with the band :)

7) I got a new program called Endnotes that helps me file all of my research articles, cite them in text, and create bibliographies. It will be wonderful help writing my thesis. And I am very excited about it.

8) Andrew has to take the West-B next Saturday (the entrance test to get into the teaching program here in Washington).

9) We are watching all of the X-Files series on netflix.

10) Our kitten steals socks and makes a mess everyday while we are at school and then acts really excited to see us when we get home.

And that is the excitement of our life....anything else you all want to know?


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nhsphoto said...

um... i about died laughing when i read about "wear wolf fridays". only andrew. seriously. i can't think of anyone else who would do something so silly. i love you guys. and miss you.