Friday, December 19, 2008

Cats and Snow

We ventured outside for a little while one day to take the cats on an excursion. We wanted Abbey to get to experience snow at least once in her life!
She looks pretty excited!
Andrew is about to set her free...(that's our friend Johanna who came to witness the exciting event!)A little bit scared at first...and yes that brown string is acting as a leash. We didn't want to be hunting cats in a snowstorm.
Getting a little bit braver....She doesn't look to bothered by the cold wet substance under her feet. She doesn't stay bothered about much for very long.
Paul's turn......
I think he remembered how fun this could be from our last big snowstorm! John however, also remembered snow and wouldn't go past the front door. So no fun pictures of John in the snow this year.

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