Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Andrew and I have also been experiencing this snow that everyone in the Northwest has been talking about. First, we were in Bellingham where there was lots of snow. Then, on Saturday we went to my parents house. And we got lots of snow. We had fake Christmas Eve yesterday and fake Christmas Day today. And there was lots of snow. After we opened presents at my family's we headed to the Bybee's where we are having real Christmas Eve and tomorrow we will have real Christmas Day. And there is still lots of snow. I will put up pictures of all of our travels (and snow) after we get back on Saturday. Until then enjoy any teasers you get. And any more snow.

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Emily said...

Snow is so much fun; especially when it doesn't come all the time. I know that it has been a little annoying for everyone in Washington, but I think it has been fun too. I mean, here in Utah snow isn't a big deal, but in just makes Christmas special. Glad that you got to enjoy it.