Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Recap

Andrew and I sent out a fun Christmas card this year. I hope that many of you received one and enjoyed a few laughs at our expense. If you did not get one and would like one, leave me a comment and I can still send you one. Please don't be offended if you didn't get one, it has been a crazy little period in our life! Although we, and many others, got a good laugh out of our cards, they weren't very newsy. So here is a little update on what we have been doing for the past year.
The picture on our Christmas card
Andrew and I with John, Abbey, and Paul

Andrew and Lauriel are both students at Western Washington University and live in Bellingham, Washington. They have three cats John, Paul, and Abbey. Most of the time, their life is very boring with lots of school and lots of work.

Andrew is getting his B.A. in both Music Education and Music Performance with a minor in Math Education. He keeps busy playing in Jazz Bands, the Wind Symphony, the Symphony Orchestra, and a brass quintet. In addition to playing his trumpet, he plays with fish tanks, skis, snowboards, skates, hikes, camps, juggles, wears wolf shirts, and works in the instrumental library on campus. Andrew has two more years until he graduates.

Lauriel is getting her Master's in Education with a dual endorsement in Special Education and Elementary Education. She works as a graduate assistant in the Special Education department. When she gets to leave campus, she enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, camping, hiking, and snowboarding. Lauriel will be finished with student teaching this June and will hopefully find a job teaching in the Fall.

(for more details on any of these activities click on the month)

January-Lauriel started working as a graduate assistant for the Special Education department at Western Washington University.

February-Andrew went to a Music Educators Conference in Yakima.

March-Lauriel turned 25. Lauriel took her WEST-E (a teacher certification competency test). Andrew went to Reno with the Wind Symphony. Andrew and Lauriel's landlords sold the condo they were renting and they had to move with only a month's notice.

April-Andrew and Lauriel moved into their current apartment here in Bellingham.

May-Andrew was in the pit orchestra for The Human Comedy up on campus. Andrew took Rachelle and Taylor's engagement photos.

June-Andrew and Lauriel went to Carina's graduation from dental hygiene school. Lauriel's deck garden really started to take off. Andrew and Lauriel tried Heather's challenge of eating more local food. Andrew went to the instrumentalist versus the vocalists softball game.

July-Lauriel went to Rachelle's bridal shower. Lauriel got a bicycle. Lauriel and Andrew made lots of jam. Andrew and Lauriel went to the Ward family reunion at Lake Roosevelt.

August-Andrew and Lauriel went rafting with the Bybees. Lauriel and Andrew went to Rachelle and Taylor Kimball's wedding. Andrew and Lauriel visited the Doty's in Portland.

September-Andrew and Lauriel celebrated their 4 year anniversary with a hike to Peggy's Pond in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Lauriel and Andrew accidentally adopted another cat, her name is Abbey. Andrew got a C trumpet. Andrew started working in the instrumental library on campus.

October-Andrew got a flugelhorn. Andrew and Lauriel went to two Halloween parties. At one party Andrew was a bum of some kind and Lauriel was NOTHING and at the other party they went together as kid superheroes.

November-Lauriel went hiking with friends while Andrew spent all day at a workshop. Andrew took the WEST-B (the entrance test to start a teacher education program).

December-Andrew and Lauriel got a Christmas tree, decorated for Christmas, got snowed in, saw lots of family, and were sad when their break ended way too fast!

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