Thursday, January 1, 2009

Annual Run and Polar Bear Dip

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, Andrew and I sure did! Sorry about the lack of pictures, my camera was left at the Bybee's so Christmas posts may be slow coming. The following pictures are courtesy of Emily.

Last year Andrew and I did the Lake Padden Resolution Run and Polar Bear Dip as part of my attempt at doing one new thing everyday for year. An attempt that failed miserably by the way. All of my friends thought that running 2.5 miles on New Year's Day and then jumping in the lake sounded so fun that they wanted to do it with us this year.
Maggie, Andrew, and I arriving at Lake Padden. We were so excited that we couldn't help but run to the starting line.
Andrew and I before the Resolution Run.
Andrew, me, Maggie, and Emily before the run.
An action shot of Jen, me, and Andrew running. It was raining.
An action shot of Andrew running. There was lots of snow and ice and mud and water left over from the lovely weather that we have been having.
After the race. We are very wet.
Trying to stay warm while we wait for the Polar Bear Dip.
Getting nervous!
After the dip! Nice and refreshed and ready to start the new year!

P.S. There is a small chance that video of this event may be coming!

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Emily said...

You guys are crazy! Snow on the ground and jumping into water...what are you think?!?!? You crazy, crazy people. At least you had fun. I just hope you don't get sick. :)