Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ward Family Christmas Vol. 3

My family was kind enough to have "fake Christmas" so that Rachelle, Taylor, Andrew, and I could be there too. We had Christmas Eve on the 23rd and then Christmas morning on the 24th. Here are the few pictures that I have from opening presents.
Emma just after she got her ipod. She was a very happy girl.
Josh with his new hat that we gave him.
Andrew and I with our Santa lifesavers.

We had a very white Christmas morning. This is what we woke up too. And then it started snowing really hard again.
It soon became so white that after opening presents and having breakfast Andrew and I hurried off to the Bybee's and Rachelle and Taylor hurried off to the Kimball's before the next snow came in. It was a great Christmas with my family, it was fun to be with everyone.

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