Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Dinner

I share my birthday weekend with my good friend Emily. Her birthday is the 7th of March and mine is the 8th. And even though we were spending a great deal of time together (we had all of our classes and worked exactly the same hours) we get a long great. We decided to have a low-key birthday dinner because every one we knew was sick and because we were going crazy with all of our homework.
Evidence #1: Sick Katie
Evidence #2: Sick Andrew
Evidence #3: Sick Jordan
This is where Andrew spent most of the evening. I don't blame him one bit with the kind of temperature he was running.

The rest of us enjoyed a relaxing evening with delicious homemade Mexican food; fajita style burritos, chips, salsa, and of course guacamole.
Emily and I ate first
Chrissy made us delicious birthday cupcakes (rainbow chip); labeled of course so that everyone knew whose birthday they were celebrating when they ate one.

Thanks to all the sickies who were willing to come celebrate and have dinner with us. We managed to get a picture of most of the group. Andrew stayed on the couch, Chelsea is taking the picture, and I don't know where Ryan ran off too.
From left to right: Jenn, Chrissy, Me, Jessica, Maggie, Jordan, and Emily

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Kevin and Amanda said...

Happy Really late Birthday! I am horrible. You look cute in your pictures!