Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hiking with Maggie

I went hiking with my friend Maggie on the 7th, during our Spring Break. That feels like so long ago now! It was our first hike of the year and it was beautiful. It was the perfect Northwest day, mid 70's and sunny with a cool breeze. We did a hike off of Chuckanut Drive, just on the south side of Bellingham. Chuckanut Drive runs right along the coast so there are terrific views of the San Juan Islands and of the Olympics on a clear day. The steep 7.5 miles we hiked were very enjoyable as we kept stopping at these amazing little view points. Can't beat the Northwest on a sunny, spring day!

Even being in the middle of the trees was beautiful!
Maggie and I trying to take our own picture.
We hiked from Chuckanut Drive, but there is a dirt road that takes you to a lookout point from which you can connect to the trail we were on. Even though it added about 1 mile to our hike, we thought it would be worth it to hike over and see what the lookout was like. This is us in front of the view.
This is part of the view from the lookout point. You can see most of the Skagit Valley farmlands. I didn't get a good picture, but if you pretend you are right where I was when I took the picture above, and you turn to the right, you can see all of the San Juan Islands. It was worth the extra mile.
This is me contemplating how I want to get over all of those logs.I guess I figured something out.
One of those amazing little viewpoints that would just pop up unexpectedly along the trail.
We hiked to the top of that rock up there. It's called Oyster Dome.
At the base of Oyster Dome are some bat caves. We didn't really see any bats.
It was still quite a hike from the bat caves to the top of Oyster Dome. I don't know what I am doing in this picture.
The view from the top of Oyster Dome was amazing. And it was so warm just sitting on the big rock.
There were a few parts of the trail that I didn't really like. This bridge was a little bit sketchy.
But I gave it a try.And it wasn't so bad, especially the second time around.
I was still happy to be on the other side.
One last view before we went home.

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