Monday, April 13, 2009

Josh's Birthday

Josh turned 16 on the 11th, but we celebrated his birthday the Thursday evening that I was with my family. It was a fun little party with my parents, Josh, Alec, Emma, Granny, Poppy, and me. We were missing Andrew, Rachelle, and Taylor. Most of my pictures are of Josh, but I guess that's fitting as he is the birthday boy!Drinking "fancy pop".
Happy guy
My mom and Emma
What is it?A Spiderman book, his favorite superhero!
Strawberries and Angel Food Cake...
With lots of whipped cream!
Josh also got a Spiderman toothbrush to get rid of all of that sugar.
Sugary pop, and the toothbrush.
And his big present...a fancy running jacket. We are hoping this will help keep him from getting hit by cars!

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