Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recap the Week

This was a busy week!
We had Andrew's recital on Thursday, which went really well. He played very well and there were a good amount of people there. Everything went smoothly, thank you those who could come! I will post pictures and video as I get them.

I threw a baby shower for my friend Sara today, my first one ever. It went well too! It was small and cozy, which was really much more enjoyable. All the food I made turned out well, which always a relief. And everyone seemed to have fun with the games. Whew, glad that is over!

Andrew went skiing with his Dad, Tyler, Uncle Dirk, and Uncle Garth today at Steven's Pass. I just talked to him and he said that he had a lot of fun!

We have been administering the WASL test all week at school. It is really painful to have to administer a test to students who are struggling so much. It is especially hard to watch them put forth so much effort and have them ask questions and not be able to help them. I will be glad when we are done with that and back to teaching!

Here is how I did on my goals this week:
1) Work out 3 days. Doesn't sound like much, but this week is going to be crazy. I did it! I ran at least 1.5 miles on 3 different days!

2) Finish my book before Thursday so I can loan it to my mom. Done!

3) Post pictures from Josh's birthday, his track meet, and my hike. Posted pictures from Josh's birthday, my first day of student teaching, Josh's track meet, and hiking.

4) Finish planning my friend Sara's baby shower that is on Saturday. At my house. And buy her a present. And clean my house. And make food. Bought present, made food, cleaned house, planned games, had fun!

5) Make cookies for Andrew's recital, which is this Thursday at 5pm. Done!

6) Type up 3 recipes for my mom's recipe book. Done, you have a recipe stack started for you mom!

I am giving myself a pat on the back for this week!

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