Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break is over!

Well this is the last day of my Spring Break, time to see if I did everything I wanted to! Feel free to skip over this if you want, it is more to hold me accountable.

1) Clean up the deck from fall (oops, that should have been done a while ago) and look at what I want to plant this year. I already have the deck cleaned up, now I just get to do the fun part, planning the planting! Deck is clean...I wanted to do some planting today, but it is pouring rain. Maybe next weekend!

2) Go on a hike. I think that will be tomorrow! Did this one, it was beautiful, pictures coming soon!

3) Work out everyday, at the very least, go for a run. Already taken care of for today! I got up at 6:45 to go for a quick run with Andrew. For anyone who knows me, that is EARLY. But it was great and I feel so energetic today. I definitely didn't work out everyday. But I did more days than I didn't. I can accept that.

4) Take care of our cars. Both of our cars have their check engine lights on (for routine things), need their oil changed, and need to be vacuumed and washed. Ug, I hate cars. We got the Honda's oil changed yesterday, that's a start at least! Oil changed in both cars, VW's check engine light is taken care of, but no vacuuming or washing of either cars. And the Honda has now moved to Andrew's list because it is beyond what I know how to do. Lucky him.

5) Visit with my family! Thursday and Friday...this will hopefully include pedicures, going out for lunch, and watching a movie in the evening. This one I accomplished! Had a wonderful visit with my family, including my grandparents, more pictures to follow of this!

6) Continue gathering materials to apply for jobs, even though no one is posting anything yet. Can I just tell you that I hate applying for jobs? Letters of intent are terrible things to have to write. Placement file started, letters of recommendation requested, resume almost done, and I started filling out applications that I can finish when a job is posted.

7) Do some cooking to restock our freezer. Right now my list includes southern style baked beans, lentil chili, and squash curry. Our fridge and our freezer are full. I am calling this one good.

8) Add some more pictures to the blog that I haven't gotten to yet. Look for them, they will be coming. Still need to do some posting.

9) Read a book. I am thinking I am going to start The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, I found the first few at Value Village yesterday and I like the one I borrowed from Lynne a while ago. Almost done with my book!

10) Get outside and enjoy the sun! Accomplished!

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