Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Week

It may be very boring to read (feel free to skip these posts) but it helps me be accountable to think that someone might read this. Here is what I want to get done this week:

1) Work out 3 days. Doesn't sound like much, but this week is going to be crazy.

2) Finish my book before Thursday so I can loan it to my mom.

3) Post pictures from Josh's birthday, his track meet, and my hike.

4) Finish planning my friend Sara's baby shower that is on Saturday. At my house. And buy her a present. And clean my house. And make food.

5) Make cookies for Andrew's recital, which is this Thursday at 5pm.

6) Type up 3 recipes for my mom's recipe book.

Maybe I can get this all done. And work 8 hours next Sunday, go to an eye appointment on Monday, have a 2 hour meeting after school on Tuesday, and Andrew's recital on Thursday. Oh yeah, and student teach everyday and write lesson plans. We will see.

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