Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Week

Exciting things this week:
Rachelle and Taylor will up from Utah! It will be a short trip, but I am hoping we can get together for at least a little bit.

Andrew has another Pan Pan show, this one is on Friday May 1st at 9pm at Jinx Art Space here in Bellingham.

I have my student teaching midterm evaluation on Monday, after which I start teaching full-time.

Once again, here is what I want to get done this week:
1) Completely finish that sub portfolio. No excuses or almost dones, I want it finished and turned in so that I don't have to think about it.

2) Finish reading my book, Tears of the Giraffe, the 2nd No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency book.

3) Type up 5 more recipes.

4) Teach full-time. All day long. All of the groups. All me.

5) Find time to see Rachelle and Taylor while they are up here.

6) Plant the new hydrangea that Lynne gave me, thank you so much!

7) Research digital scrapbooking and decide if I want to do that. Does anyone know a place that they like to get their pages made into a book? My dream is to be able to create my own pages on the computer, save them digitally, and to have them made into a book instead of printing each picture. Is this possible?

8) Post pictures from Pan Pan show and try and get Andrew to finish his recital video so that I can post that.

9) Work out 3 times this week. Run at least 3 miles each time and try to run 4 miles at least once. The 5K we are running is on May 9th here in Bellingham. It is free if you are interested!

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Kevin and Amanda said...

Have you checked out blurb? I would HIGHLY recommend it. It's not exactly 'scrapbooking', but I LOVE it.