Friday, May 8, 2009

Andrew's Junior Trumpet Recital

Finally, the post about Andrew's recital. To start out with, none of us (me, my mom, or Lynne) were very good about taking pictures. I think we were all too nervous for him! Here are the few that we have!This is Andrew the week before his recital. I took his picture in his "recital clothes" so that we could send the picture to his parents for approval.
This is Lynne and Lisa waiting for the concert to start.
This is Andrew after the the concert.
And again, after the concert. Doesn't he look happy to be done?

And here is Andrew's recital, in the order that he played it. Enjoy!

This song is called Caprice for C Trumpet and Piano by Joseph Turrin. Michael Nutting is accompanying Andrew on the piano.

Part 1

Part 2
This song is really long and Youtube only allows 10 minute long videos. So you get part 1 and part 2. This song is called Concerto for Trumpet in Bb by Alexander Arutunian. Dainius Vaicekonis is accompanying Andrew on the piano.

This song is called The Hollow Men by Vincent Persechetti. Michael Nutting is accompanying Andrew on the organ.

This song is called Tony & the Elephant by William Schmidt and Andrew's friend Rusty Graeff is playing Tuba with him.

This song is called Perception and was arranged by Andrew and played with the 12 o'clock Jazz Band at Western.

He did a great job and we were all really proud of him! After it was over, he decided it was fun and he wanted to do another one!

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