Saturday, June 13, 2009


I am not at home right now and have no access to pictures so this post will have only words....sorry. But it has been a while and a lot has happened for us. I am just going to list some of the things that have happened and will be happening, if you want more details let me know!
  • Biggest news....I got a full-time teaching job! I am officially the 7th grade resource room teacher at Vista Middle School in Ferndale. Ferndale is about 15 minutes north of us, same school district where I am student teaching right now, so it is plenty close. I have met and worked with many of the staff over there during my student teaching and I am really excited about the position. Yay for a full time job!
  • Andrew is done with school for the quarter and for the school year! His finals seemed to go well and now he is done. Yay for summer vacation!
  • Andrew got a scholarship for next year. I forget what it is called, but we like scholarships and are happy he got one!
  • Andrew and I are going on a short backpacking trip on the coast at the end of the month, it should be a great way to get away from normal life and start a good summer routine.
  • 5 more days left of student teaching until my summer starts, it has been wonderful and I can't believe it is over already.
  • Andrew and I spent a day out at Deception Pass, walking around and playing on the beach. Pictures of that to come.
  • Andrew had jazz band concerts, orchestra concerts, and western brass quintet concerts. They all went very well! Thanks Wade and Lynne for coming up for the jazz band concert, it is always good to see you.
  • Andrew still has some playing coming up with Pan Pan (I will get some dates up for those soon) and for some other random paid events. We like it when he gets paid to play his trumpet.
  • Our little deck garden is growing so fast. We have had a few ripe strawberries already and the tomatos will be coming soon. Pictures of that to come.
  • Did I ever tell anyone that Andrew has a bike obsession? He fixed up/painted/put together a fixed gear bike (he already has a road bike) and it is really pretty. Maybe I will post a picture for you.
  • It is Western's graduation this weekend so we are busy with graduation BBQ's, party's, and some performances of Andrew's. Can't believe that we have been here in Bellingham for over 3 years!
Hopefully soon I can start getting caught up on "life" and get some pictures up! We are doing great (just really busy) so if you don't see anything else, don't worry, we aren't dead.

P.S. In case you didn't catch it, yes I made the blog public again.

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